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GX Mobile Eye Treatment Centre ( METC) where cataract surgeries will be performed. 

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GX Foundation signs MOU with China CDC

GX Foundation signed an MOU with China CDC on 29 March, aiming to foster collaboration and facilitate knowledge exchange on areas such as global health, strengthening of technical support in international public health, and personnel training. The MOU was signed by Prof. Emily CHAN Ying-yang, CEO of GX Foundation, and Mr. SHEN Hongbing, Director General of China CDC.

The MOU will be valid for 5 years, and specific provisions include conducting health research projects, providing professional technical support, organizing thematic seminars and technical training, collaborating on scientific publications and other technical documents.

The Project on the Protection against Dengue Fever along the Boten-Vientiane Railway will mark the first collaboration between the two parties. The Foundation will donate and install mosquito lamps in 5 passenger stations along the railway.

Additionally, promotional and educational activities will be carried out to assist Laos in controlling dengue fever and minimizing the risks of cross-border transmission between China and Laos. China CDC will provide professional guidance and technical support for the successful implementation of this project.

Chairman LEUNG Chun-ying emphasized the importance of this collaboration, as it fully embodies the united efforts of Mainland China and Hong Kong “setting sail” together in the medical and public health field, working together in advancing the development of health globally.

CEO Prof. Emily CHAN Ying-yang stated that GX will make good use of the professional expertise and extensive experience of China CDC in the field of public health. By leveraging the professional support offered by China CDC, specifically in the area of dengue prevention and control, the quality and effectiveness of the Foundation’s programs can contribute significantly to public health in countries along the Belt and Road.

Director General of China CDC, Mr. SHEN Hongbing mentioned that both sides can strengthen exchanges and engage in deep technical collaborations to contribute to national global health strategies, the Belt and Road Initiative and China-Africa Cooperation.

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1000km journey for project exploration in Honduras in preparation of dengue program launch

GX Foundation Chairman Mr. LEUNG Chun-ying, CEO Professor Emily CHAN Ying-yang and their team recently embarked on a journey covering 1000km across Honduras in Central America. They visited medical institutions in the capital of Tegucigalpa and other key cities to learn about the local dengue situation. They also met with met with the Vice President of Honduras, Mr. Renato FLORENTINO; Minister of Health of Honduras, Ms. Karla PAREDES REYES, to discuss the next steps for launching a project to prevent and control dengue outbreaks.

On 22 March, Chairman LEUNG; Vice Presidents of Honduras, Mr. Renato FLORENTINO and Ms. Doris GUTIÉRREZ; the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Honduras, Mr. Enrique REINA; the Chinese Ambassador to Honduras, Ms. YU Bo; and CEO of GX Foundation, Professor Emily CHAN Ying-yang, attended a reception in celebration of the one-year anniversary of the establishment of official diplomatic relations between China and Honduras. In his speech, Chairman LEUNG stated that the Foundation will launch its program on the prevention and control of dengue fever in Honduras as soon as possible to foster friendship between the peoples of both countries, such as donating of 100,000 dengue rapid test kits, 6000 mosquito lamps, 60,000 sticky tapes, 1000 mosquito nets and large amounts of promotional and educational materials to all 32 hospitals in Honduras and other suitable venues.

He emphasized that the project uses a combination of timely diagnosis, protection of other citizens and community-wide education to minimize the risks of dengue or other vector-borne disease outbreaks across Honduras. GX will become the first Hong Kong international non-governmental not-for-profit charitable organization conducting medical humanitarian aid since the establishment of official diplomatic relations between China and Honduras a year ago.

Furthermore, the team also met with local Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese to understand more about the local living environments. They look forward to working together to realize people-to-people connectivity in the local community.

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Pre-departure training course held in Beijing for medical team

GX Foundation and the Red Cross Society of China recently co-organized the third large-scale pre-departure and first aid training course, equipping over 50 medical personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills before they embark on their overseas humanitarian aid missions.

GX Chairman, Mr. LEUNG Chun-ying; CEO, Professor Emily CHAN Ying-yang; and Vice President of the Red Cross Society of China, Mr. SUN Shuo-peng attended the opening ceremony. In his speech, Mr. LEUNG stated that the working conditions overseas are difficult, with many unpredictable health situations happening to patients pre- and post-operation. It is imperative that team members undergo first aid training to strengthen their first aid knowledge and skills.

The course lasted for 3 days and the 50 participating medical team members came from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Shanxi Province, Heilongjiang Province and Fujian province. 2 of GX’s Hong Kong colleagues also participated in the course.

They took courses on basic life support, CPR, and trauma care. All participants recently completed the courses and assessments and received their internationally recognized first aid certifications.

GX Foundation Senior Project Officer Irene FUNG has worked in five of the Foundation’s project sites. She recalls her time in Senegal when an elderly man was afraid to undergo surgery. GX staff and other patients in the hospital prayed together with him, and his surgery was ultimately a success. The elderly man was very grateful to GX for restoring his vision, and the experience also left Irene deeply warmed and moved.

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"...constructing a community of shared future for mankind."

GX Foundation is a Chinese medical humanitarian aid charitable organization established in Hong Kong in 2018. It aims to provide international medical and public health humanitarian assistance in the Belt and Road countries, embodying the spirit of “people-to-people” connectivity. 

The Foundation has already signed MOUs with 5 countries, aiming to provide free vision-restoring surgeries for 37,500 patients in Laos, Cambodia, Djibouti, Senegal, and Mauritania from 2022 to 2027 and eliminate backlog cataract blindness cases. 

In 2024, Timor-Leste became the GX Foundation’s inaugural country for the launch of a program targeting vector-borne diseases. It is also the Foundation’s sixth project country. 

Apart from providing cataract surgery, the global focus of GX also includes other public health humanitarian assistance programmes, such as vector-borne disease control, health emergency disaster risk management, international partnership, and community knowledge transfer. 

The Board of Directors is made up of 20 prominent figures from Mainland China and Hong Kong, and is chaired by Mr. LEUNG Chun-ying, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC.