Short-term internship programme with GX Foundation

Our first cohort of student interns has recently completed their short-term internship with GX. With guidance and support from the team, they have been contributing on a variety of tasks including background research and analysis, field programme planning and protocol development. As a Chinese international humanitarian organisation, our internship programme provides a unique opportunity for young undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in international medical & health relief work, especially under the Belt and Road Initiative. Interns will also get hands-on experience while collaborating with our local, national and international counterparts. The duration of internship can be flexible, ranging from 2-12 weeks. We welcome young talents with diverse academic, linguistic and cultural background to join us. For applications and enquiries, please feel free to contact us (info@gxfoundation.hk).

“The GX Foundation internship was particularly interesting for me since it allowed me to see the deep level of administrative work that goes on behind the scenes even before a project can be realized. Previously, I have done volunteer work or engaged in opportunities where my contribution has been limited to doing the actual end activity. This experience uniquely allowed me to see how such activities or projects come into place in the first place and how one can virtually design a new project from scratch – which I believe has been an invaluable learning.”