GX visits China Sinopharm International Corporation in Beijing

GX visited China Sinopharm International Corporation in Beijing. The Chairman of Sinopharm, Mr. Liu Jingzhen, GX board member, Mr. Fu Qiang, and Ms. Shi Shengyi were present to sit down with GX and talk about recent projects and mutual areas of work. Sinopharm has been a key global player in the provision of anti-pandemic equipment and vaccines. The GX emergency anti-pandemic donation to Laos and Cambodia in June and July of 2021 were successful with the help of counterparts at Sinopharm, and GX looks forward to continuing this fruitful partnership on projects involving medical equipment, vaccines, and other areas. Sinopharm also kindly hosted the 9th GX Board Meeting in Beijing. We sincerely thank Sinopharm for their warm welcome!



China Sinopharm International Corperation