Our Students, Our Spirits: Victor Chen Xin Yuan

Victor Chen Xin Yuan:  The internship at GX Foundation has taught me to be a flexible and versatile person.

Victor Chen Xin Yuan, a medical a third-year medical student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, is a public health graduate and advocate. He has taken part in different volunteering activities in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, like conducted health checkups and health education for residents of elderly homes and elderly living alone. In China, he went to a remote area in Sichuan Province to provide education on health and disaster prevention knowledge for local ethnic minority groups. Victor said that his previous volunteering experience not only enriched his public health and medical knowledge but has also made him more enthusiastic about humanitarian assistance and public health.

Victor joined GX Foundation as an intern in October 2021 where was mainly responsible for producing and designing health promotion information and formulating standard guidelines of action. He has also participated in different activities of the Foundation as a volunteer, including distributing anti-epidemic materials to the elderly living alone and low-income families to help them overcome the difficulties of the epidemic. 

"The internship at GX Foundation has taught me to be a flexible and versatile person. Project teams in humanitarian assistance consist of people of different professions such as public health scholars and international relations experts, not just doctors and nurses. Working with a team of different professionals in a rapidly changing environment has benefited me a lot.”

Victor said that the Foundation offers good benefits to optimise staff’s mental performance. When one suffers from glucose “deficiency” from overworking, there are always snacks ranging from biscuits and sweets handy. On the other hand, an “overdose” of blood glucose caused by too big a lunch can also be soothed by a variety of coffee. One would never feel drowsy at work.

In addition to being a competent doctor, Victor wishes to focus his attention on public health and humanitarian assistance work, since he believes all human beings are born equal, and everyone’s lives has value.