Reciprocating Djibouti with skills and knowledge A thankful message worth thousands of words

Prior to joining GX, Awale had spent many years living and studying in Shanghai since 2010, that he became fluent in Mandarin with time. He majored in Chinese Language and Telecommunications Engineering at Tongji University and Donghua University respectively.

During an interview, Awale shared about his childhood dream of helping his home country to escape poverty, “Having spent many years studying abroad, I hope to apply my knowledge in helping my country. Everyday, we receive many patients at the clinic. We perform preoperative check-ups for them and arrange operations for those who are suitable for surgeries.”

He also mentioned that the patients, who received assistance from him, would say “thank you” to him every day. He believes that is the most amazing part of his job, representing the strong friendship between the Chinese and Djiboutians.