Helping others and helping yourself Unforgettable experience of helping an old lady to regain vision

Prior to joining GX Foundation at the beginning of this year as an overseas project officer, Sabira studied at Hebei Normal University with a major in International Chinese Education. She used to be an English tutor in Beijing before 2019

Lac Assal is in central Djibouti, where many low-income families are living. China Communications Construction Company Ltd (CCCC), a key field partner of GX, once arranged a private shuttle to transfer local eye patients to Djibouti City, the capital of Djibouti, for eye examination and cataract surgery.

 The 85-year-old lady was one of the patients who got on the shuttle at that time. Sabira explained it was her most memorable event with GX so far because “it was the first time for the lady to travel extensively to the capital for cataract surgery.” Sabira is glad that the lady could receive effective eye treatment and regain vision. She finds her job very meaningful that she can play a role in helping the old lady to restore sight.

She is thankful to GX for providing her with this valuable job opportunity. She stated that “this is a very rare and valuable opportunity for me. At GX, I can develop different skill sets and am grateful for everything I have learned here.”