Educational talk completed successfully, livestream with Africa team in celebration of World Sight Day

To celebrate World Sight Day on 12th October (tomorrow), the Foundation organized a “Belt and Road Medical Humanitarian Aid Educational Talk” at Lai Chack Middle School, with more than 400 secondary school students joining a livestream with the African team. It provided a valuable opportunity for students to see the environment and patients in Djibouti in real-time livestream, as well as engage in conversations with our stationed staff to gain insights into the challenges faced during the execution of humanitarian aid projects.

GX would like to thank the staff of Lai Chack Middle School for their assistance, which ensured the smooth running of the event. In the coming year, GX will continue to organize similar talks in different schools and communities across Hong Kong, raising the awareness and interest of young people and the general public towards medical humanitarian assistance and nurturing a new generation of humanitarian aid workers.